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"She (Mary) sure is a tough act to follow"
Sue Johansen after
Mary opened for
her at the
Total Woman Show

Bedroom Games gets
five out of five

Live Girl Productions

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Deep down, every woman wonders what it would be like to perform an erotic striptease. Whether you want to liven up your love life with your long-time steady, are plotting a steamy seduction of your next beau, or planning a special anniversary celebration for your partner, Peel and Play sessions can give you the techniques and attitude to enact your deepest fantasies.

Rekindle the passion in a long term relationship
Reach new levels of sensuality in new relationships
Boost your ego and confidence for relationships to come
Learn to express your sensuality more openly and freely
Overcome your shyness and fears
Accept and enjoy your own body
Get creative and playful ideas for lovemaking
Have fun while you share other women's experiences
Get all the foreplay you want from your relationship

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